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Desperate Housewife: 5 Skills to Learn

1. Ability to cook for the husband (at least at a basic level). Of course, no one will demand a stewed rabbit every day with "béchamel" sauce, and an ideal tiramisu for dessert, but you still have to learn how to cook a soup. Well, if you were lucky enough to be born in a family where you had three nannies, two governesses and a personal chef, then it's time to learn cooking using the Internet and buy a multi-cooker. The main thing - do not forget to clean the search history in the Internet browser so that the spouse does not inadvertently learn that the vaunted family recipe of a cabbage pie was taken from the Net. Let him remain in a happy ignorance!

"My husband and I have been living together for 35 years, and I still remember my first soup, like porridge for pigs, and I wonder how he ate it and even praised it? That's probably, the love for the wife in pure form "- says housewife Alla.

2.  Ability to keep the house clean. If you feel sadness thinking about that you have to spend half your day off in the "Cinderella mode" (wash, rub, scrape and vacuum), then you need to learn some life tips:

·        Divide all the domestic "hard labor" for the evenings of weekdays,

·        Do not hesitate to give the household to the members of your family, such as mopping or vacuum cleaning and so on.

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3. It is needed to do washing in time. Believe me, the absence of a pair of clean socks will not contribute to family harmony and spiritual kinship. Especially, if in the morning he hurries to an important business meeting, on which there is an opportunity to earn the money for a warm fur coat for the beloved wife.

4. Ability to calm the raging child. Yes, we understand that it’s hard and you are not well-known psychologist, and nobody expects your child to be like a robot or a well-trained soldier of the American army. However, the husband has the right to expect that the wife will be able to stop hysterics of her son in a toy store, will not let him yell in the train and ride a neighbor's dog.

5. Elementary medical knowledge. A good wife should not be in panic when someone has a temperature of 37.3. She just needs to prepare a chamomile broth. And sometimes the husband just needs a strong kiss from his wife and a drop of sympathy.